Professor Sun Xianhe Won the 2018 CCF Overseas Outstanding Contribution Award

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Professor Sun Xianhe is a globally well-known scholar in computer science and an IEEE Fellow. He is one of the pioneers of scalable parallel computing quantized models. The memory-constrained acceleration ratio model he proposed is known in the industry as Sun-NiLaw. He has made remarkable contributions to the development of computer science industry in China.


Professor Sun Xianhe is a world-class scholar in the field of computer system architecture. His influence in the field of international computer system architectureis outstanding. He has achieved high level scientific and technological achievements in the past and continues tomake breakthroughs today. His achievements in the last two years, including C-AMAT and APC, were revolutionary results that provided a creative theoretical basis for building the new generation data-centric computer system architecture. His PortHadoop and PortHadoop-R software systems enabled seamless integration of big data systems and high-performance computing systems at the file level. In the currenttransformation from computing-centric to data-centric computing system, his leadership role in the development of high-performance big data analysis systems cannot be overstated.



Professor Sun Xianhe is one of the pioneers in scalable and parallel computing modeling. He proposed the Access Per Cycle (APC) standard and the Concurrent Average Memory Access Time (C-AMAT) model in 2011 and 2013 respectively. In 2015, he proposed a CPU stall time formula that considers concurrent average storage and provided a layer performance matching optimization method. These results are critical tools for solving big data problems. In particular, the C-AMAT model gave a new direction to reduce storage latency, which improved storage performance by hundreds of times. The memory control acceleration ratio proposed by Professor Sun, also known as Sun-Ni Law, has been included in many parallel computer textbooks, becoming a compulsory content for graduate students to learn in high-performance computing. ACM TechNews and HPC Magazine covered his work on C-AMAT in March and April 2014.


Professor Sun Xianhe's research focuses on both practical applications and technological changes. For the former, he and his team developed a series of high-performance computing system software. These include IOSIG: a system for IO-Signature based data access optimization; PFS-IOC: Server-side IO-coordination in parallel file system; GHS: grid-service harvesting system; NBP: network bandwidth prediction system. In 2017, as a successful case, the National Science Foundation (NSF) made a special report on the PortHadoop and PortHadoop-R system software developed by his team. His research team has repeatedly won ACM and IEEE awards and best papers awards, including the ACM SIGSIM PADS 2015 Best Paper Award, IEEE ISPA 2016 Best Paper Award, ACM SIGSIM PADS 2015 Best Doctoral Paper Award, as well as the ACM and CRA 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award.

Professor Sun Xianhe is a specially appointed professor at ZJU College of Computer Science and Technology. He is also a professor and former head of the Department of Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology (2009.8-2014.8), director of the Scalable Computing Software Laboratory, and a visiting professor at the Agang National Laboratory in the United States. In 2012, he was elected as an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) fellow.


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