The Colledge of Computer Science Holds Appointment Ceremony and Academic Conference of Adjunct Professors

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On the evening of April 2, 2019, “Professor Zhang Xinjian’s Appointment Ceremony and Academic Conference” was held at the Yongqian Theater of Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus. Chen Gang, Dean of the Colledge of Computer Science and Peng Lieping, Secretary of of the Party Committee attended the appointment ceremony with teacher and student representatives. The ceremony was presided over by Shan Juehui, Deputy Secretary of the Carty Committee.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Peng Lieping, Secretary of of the Party Committee, introduced Professor Zhang's work experience and main achievements, and highly praised his innovative exploration and outstanding practice in the field of information technology. Subsequently, Chen Gang, Dean of the Colledge of Computer Science, presented the letter of appointment to Professor Zhang Xinjian and gave him the school badge. The student representative presented flowers to Professor Zhang.        

Zhang Xinjian, a professor-level senior engineer, enjoys special government allowances from the State Council. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Committee of China Telecom Group. He is a Bachelor of Engineering from Zhejiang University, Guanghua Colledge of Management (Peking University) EMBA, Antai College of Management (Shanghai Jiaotong University) - Rennes School of Business (France) DBA. He was a representative at the 11th National People's Congress, Standing Committee Member of the 12th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, former Party Secretary, General Manager and Senior President of Zhejiang Telecom Company of China Telecom Group, former Chairman of Zhejiang Communications Association, Zhejiang Province Director of the Bureau of Data and Communication, member of the Communication Science Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and part-time professor at the Party School of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. He has 30 years of experience in telecommunications technology, Internet technology, telecommunications engineering and corporate strategy research. He is the earliest builder and operator of China's Internet. He has presided over the construction of Zhejiang NGN Next Generation Bearer Network Construction Project and Zhejiang Telecom IP Metropolitan Area Network Construction Project, Zhejiang Telecom 3G CDMA, 4G LTE mobile communication network construction projects, Zhejiang Telecom Optical Network and other large-scale telecommunications/Internet engineering projects.

Professor Zhang Xinjian said that getting hired as a part-time professor by the Colledge of Computer Science is an affirmation and reward for his research results. At the same time, the current era is an era that attaches significant importance to basic theory and core technology. He will also have his finger on the pulse and make his contribution to the development of the Internet.

After the ceremony, Professor Zhang Xinjian brought a special academic report entitled “From 3I to 5I, Decoupling and Coupling” for the teachers and students of the colledge. Professor Zhang introduced the theme from the perspective of 3I evolution before and after the Internet” and used illustrations to help students understand the successful three-level decoupling and triple connection of the Internet. After that, Professor Zhang talked about the evolution 5G from 5I. Through comparing the technical changes from 1G to 5G, he helped the students understand the concept of 5G more deeply. Professor Zhang said that the technical decoupling of 5G has not been realized, and the decoupling of business models will take even more time. Therefore, the first half of 5G should focus on preparation, not overhyped marketing. 

The whole report was filled with practical knowledge and greatly benefited the audience. Professor Zhang Xinjian opened a new door to the frontier technology for the students with a novel and unique perspective. Professor Zhang pointed out that this is the best era, encouraging students to value basic theories such as mathematics, actively think about the future development direction, and master key technologies to improve their competitiveness.

Liu Shufeng, President of Hundsun Technologies Inc., Wang Miaojun, Director of Zhejiang University Economic Research Institute, and Zhao Yang, Chief of Board of Directors Office of Zhejiang University Insigma Group participated in the event.

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