Annual Impact Reports



The Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Innovation Center was established.

CCST was selected as the first batch of Cyberspace International Governance Research Base.

Turing Laureate Professor Whitfield Diffie joined as honorary director of Zhejiang University Cyberspace 

Research Institute.

Dr. Weng Kai Won Zhejiang University Yongping Outstanding Teaching Contribution Award.



The Computer Science discipline placed among top 1‰, and ranks 30th in the world.

      *source: ‘Essential Scientific Indicators’ database (ESI) in November 2017

Computer Science and Technology discipline was rated A+, software engineering A+, design A-.

      *source: Ministry of Education's Degree and Graduate Education Development Center

Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering selected as national ‘Double First-Class’ disciplines.

Professor Wu Zhaohui was elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.



The research on The Key Technology and Application of the Fusion of Massive Mixed Temporal Data

by Prof. Chen Gang won the 1st Prize of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award.

The research on Theories and Methods of Hybrid Intelligence based on brain-machine Fusion

by the team of Prof. Wu Zhaohui won Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Innovation Award.

The research on Efficient Parallel Rendering of Real Graphics 

by Prof. Zhou Kun won the Chen Jiageng Youth Science Award.

The supercomputing team of CCST broke the world record of HPL computing performance in the 2016 ASC Student Supercomputer Competition (ASC16).

PhD student Huang Butian won the Golden Award of the 2nd China Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.



Prof. Chen Chun was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The research on Cross-media Computing Theories and Methods

by Prof. Zhuang Yueting won the 1st Provincial Prize of Nature Science.

The research on Key Technologies and Supporting Platform for Pervasive Computing 

by Prof. Pan Gang Won the 2nd National Prize of Technology Progress.

The discipline of Computer Science and Technology is placed among 1% worldwide, and ranks 3rd in China.



The research on The Technology and Application of Automotive Electronics Embedded Platform

by Prof. Wu Zhaohui won the 2nd National Prize of Science and Technology Progress.

Research and Practice on Training Methods of Programming Ability in and out of Class

by Prof. Chen Yue and Prof. He Qinmin won the 2nd National Proze of Teaching Achievements.

Prof. Zhou Kun was elected as IEEE Fellow.

The 40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases(VLDB) was held at CCST 

Student team of CCST won the 1st Prize in Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge(ASC14).



The research on The Geometric Representation and Computing Theory and Method of Complicated Objects

by Prof. Bao Hujun won the 2nd National Prize of Natural Science.

The research on The Knowledge Services Technology and Chinese Medicine Applications based on Sematic Maps

by Prof. Wu zhaohui, won the 1st National Prize of Outstanding Achievements for Scientific Research in Higher Education.

The Paper on Embedded Operating System Design for Wireless Sensor Networks

by Dr. Dong Wei, won 2013 National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Nomination Award.



Prof. Wu Zhaohui was appointed as the chief scientist of the 973 Program.

The Paper Document Summarization Based on Data Reconstruction

by the EAGLE-Lab, won the 26th AAAI Outstanding Paper Award.

The paper Key Technologies of Cross-Media Retrieval and Intelligent Processing

By Dr. Yang Yi, was selected into National Top 100 Excellent Papers.

CCST’s Experiment Center was recognized by the Ministry of Education as the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.



Prof. Wu Zhaohui was selected as a top-tier expert in Zhejiang Province.

The research on Multi-industry Embedded System Software Platform SMART and Its Applications project

by Prof. Chen Chun, won the 2nd National Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award.

Prof. Zhuang Yueting was appointed as the chief scientist of the 973 Program.

The paper Reconstruction and Enhancement of Video Scenes

By Dr. Zhang Guofeng was selected into National Top 100 Excellent Papers.

Students team of CCST won the Championship of the 35th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.



The research on The Software Development and Industrial Application of Qiantang Platform for Modern Service Industry

by Prof. Wu Chaohui won the 2nd National Prize of Science and Technology Progress.

The research on The Multimedia Technology and Intelligent Service System for Million Digital Library

by Prof. Zhuang Yueting won the 2nd National Prize for Science and Technology Progress.

The Pursuit Science Class was established to nurture outstanding talents in basic science & Engineers.

The He Zhijun Class was established to nurture future leaders with innovative spirits and global competiveness.



The research on Development and Promotion of Software for the Basic Support Platform of Modern Service Industry

by Prof. Wu Chaohui, won the grand prize of China Business Federation Science and Technology Award.

The Educational Project on Digital Printing System for Textiles and Its Application

by Prof. Chen Chun won the 2nd National prize for Teaching Achievements.

The education group led by Prof. Chen Yue in Programming Design was selected as National Outstanding Teaching Group.



The research on The Digital Printing System for Textiles and Its Application 

by Prof. Chen Chun, won the 2nd National prize for Technology Invention.

The National Animation Teaching and Research Base was established at CCST.  

The first International Universities Forum of CCST “The Way to Overseas Study” was held.



Undergraudate and graduate program on Electrionic Service was established.

Prof. Chen Yue’s course on Data Structure and Algoritum was rated as one the first Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Courses at national level.

Dr. Xu Yuhua was awarded the honorary title of National Merit Student.



The Computer Science and Technology discipline was ranked 3rd in China.

   *source: Ministry of Education first-level disciplines evaluation

Annual total research funding exceeds 100 million RMB for the first time.

The research group for Network Multimedia Intelligent Information Processing Technology

led by Prof. Zhuang Yueting was selected as the innovation team of Ministry of Education.

Prof. Pan Yunhe became the executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Computer-Aided Product Innovation Design Engineering Research Center was Established.

Embedded Systems Engineering Research Center was Established.

Prof. Meng Hua was appointed as the first Qiushi top-tier professor at ZJU.

Students won the 2006 Osaka International Design Competition Excellence Awardthe iF Concept Design Award, and the Red Dot Design Concept Award.



The Ministry of Education-Microsoft Joint Laboratory on Visual Perception was Established.

Prof. Chen Chun was selected as the first batch of top-tier experts in Zhejiang.

The educational program named Exploration and Practice of Tendering Innovative Talents for 20 Years

led by Prof. Pan Yunhe won the 1st National prize of Teaching Achievements.

The educational program named Multi-school collaboration, targeting the west, creating a new educational resource sharing system based on led by Prof. Chen Deren won the 1st National prize of Teaching Achievements.

The ZJU-SFU Dual Degree Program with Simon Fraser University was established, 

with the first cohort of 25 students of CCST and 11 students of SFU.

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