The College offers Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University. The annual enrollments include 300 undergraduates, 300 master students and 80 Ph.D. students. Over the past 30 years, more than twenty thousand students graduated and they have had great achievements of academic research, technology innovation, and professional development. 

Through the collaboration of outstanding and inspiring faculty at CCST, we offer a series of undergraduate and graduate programs that are ability-oriented and rigorous in nature. In those programs, students can not only learn by doing through working on series of research projects under the guidance of their academic advisors, but are also granted flexibility in taking cross-department courses so as to pursue multi-disciplinary innovation. “Computer + X” is an integrated part of our academic philosophy.

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We are devoted to establishing systematic and well-rounded curricula that fully develop student’s potential. CCST’s Undergraduate Education Steering Committee has defined indispensable components of our undergraduate program, which cover teaching of advanced computer science theories and technologies, application module that emphasize student-led application development, and individualized module, which grant students maximum amount of freedom to pursue multidisciplinary applications. Each year, CCST’s faculty also undertakes educational reform programs that aims at innovating our existing curricula.

Our state-of-art facilities provide students with great learning and training environment. CCST is equipped with China’s leading experiment center, with 1,518 facilities and 2,000 square meters, the total worth exceeding 1.4 million RMB. To provide students with access to frontier research opportunities, we built a series of high-end laboratories, such as laboratories for interactive system design, technology innovation, visual analytics, and supercomputing. The high performance of our facilities can be exemplified in 2016 ASC, when the supercomputer built by our college exceeded the HPL world record with float-computing capability of 12.03 trillion per second. Besides world-leading facilities, the college library provides students with access to over 15,000 textbooks and premier journals in computer science. CCST also established an online ACM programming training platform which has received over 2.6 million submissions.

Our students have made outstanding achievements in research innovations and industry endeavor. Among the top there are three Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (Yunhe Pan, Zuoning Chen, Chun Chen), academician of Chinese Academy of Science Zhaohui Wu, and distinguished researchers like Prof. Hujun Bao, Prof. Yueting Zhuang, and Prof. Kun Zhou. The graduates of the College have made substantial technology breakthroughs in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Software Systems, and Computer Architecture. The distinction of our graduate students is evident from a list of prestigious awards which recognize their outstanding contributions, including ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award, AAAI Outstanding Paper Award, and Microsoft Scholar Award.


In China’s IT industry, the graduates of the College have been one of the most important driving forces. 80% CTO or technology executives of IT companies in Hangzhou were graduated from this college. Many students also founded IT companies and became successful entrepreneurs such as Zheng Huang of, Lie Shi of Insigma Technology, Yi Fang of, and Qi Huang of The market value of the IT companies founded by our alumni is about 100 billion RMB. 

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