Quick Facts

the College of Computer Science and Technology is equipped with a strong group of faculty members that share the same vision and collaborates with each other. The College currently has

3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Pan Yunhe, Chen Chun, Wu Jiangxing)

1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Wu Zhaohui)

3 top-tier experts of Zhejiang Province

3 MOE Cheung Kong Distinguished Professors

1 innovation team of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education

3 teams in key areas defined by the Ministry of Science and Technology

as well as other preeminent faculty, including National Outstanding Young Scholar, fellows of National Talents Project, National Excellent Youth Foundation winners, fellows of Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Training Program, and honorary professors include but not limit to,

Prof. Raj Reddy, Turing Award laureate

Prof. Yale Patt, academician of US Academy of Engineering

Dr. Harry Shum, academician of US Academy of Engineering


International Engagement

The faculty of our College takes important positions in international academic associations.

11 faculty members are fellows of leading academic associations (i.e., IEEE, and IAPR).

60 faculty members are on editorial board of leading international journals (i.e., IEEE Spectrum, ACM TOG, IEEE 


20 faculty members served as General Chair or TPC Chair in top international conferences.

78 faculty members served as Program Committee of important international conferences (i.e., ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE 

VIS, CVPR, NIPS, Pacific Graphics).

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