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Zhejiang University’s CAD&CG State Key Laboratory Technology Open Week


From May 19th to 26th, 2018, the Zhejiang University CAD&CG State Key Lab will hold a science and technology open week with the theme of “Better Innovation for Better Lives”. The laboratory is equipped with “Ultra-HD high-definition screen visualization analysis system”, “Sports VR experience system”, “Face animation and interactive technology”, “3D printing and water transfer printing technology” and other technological facilities. Explanation services will also be provided. Through this technology open week, the public can experience the latest technological innovations while seeking their passion for science through interactive play.

Date: May 19th-26th, 2018 (appointment needed)

Location: 4th Floor, Mengminwei Building, Zijingang Campus, in Zhejiang University

Contact Information

Ms. Xie

Phone: 0571-88206681-406

Interactive Presentation Content

Ultra-high-definition Large-screen Visualization Analysis System

Global-scale atmospheric data visualization system: this system maps meteorological data of various types and structures according to the different visualization methods selected by the user, in an interactive 3D scene.

Urban big data integration analysis platform: This system collects urban data of 7 million people and integrates data knowledge from multiple fields. The urban big data integration analysis platform provides functions such as data query, data analysis and inference reproduction.

Sports VR Experience System

This system is created by bringing together the motion platform and the VR rendering system. Aside from immersive visual experience, it also features a immersive motion experience based on the user's natural movement, thereby creating a more realistic virtual environment.

Face Animation and Interactive Technology

Face tracking and animation technology can track three-dimensional facial feature points in real time from videos recorded by ordinary cameras and is used to drive facial expression of a virtual character. The acquired three-dimensional facial features can also be used for analysis of user's facial expressions.

Interactive Hairstyle Replacement Technology

By interactively segmenting the hair image and estimating the scalp model, this technology achieves an interactive replacement of hairstyles between different characters.

3D Printing and Water Transfer Printing Technology

Computational water transfer printing technology solves the problem of accurate coloring of three-dimensional objects. It can achieve precise coloring on three-dimensional objects with point-to-point aiming. This coloring technology can counter the disadvantages of high cost, slow speed, and low accuracy of traditional 3D color printing equipment.

Mobile Reality Augmentation Platform

The platform can fuse virtual objects into real scenes through mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. It can also reconstruct three-dimensional models of real objects/scenes online, and achieve rapid three-dimensional digitization of objects, occlusion between virtual and real objects as well as shadow formation, to ensure high-fidelity integration performance.

After wearing the VIVE device, users will be immersed in the stunning panoramic view of West Lake with realistic sound effects. Users can then use the wireless controller as a magic wand to draw shapes in the air. Water firework will be displayed above the distant lake to embellish the scene.

 Virtual Reality Display of Sport Events

The goal of this device is to simulate the experience of watching a sports event on site through the use of real-time three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual viewpoint synthesis technology. It can be widely used in large sport tournaments.

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