Computer Science and Technology

This is a national first-class program that aims at equipping students with research and development competence in such sectors as computer system structure, system software, and applications. With leading international universities set as benchmark, the program’s curriculum consists of four modules, namely computer theories, computer system architecture, computer software technology and computer applications. It puts great emphasis on educational and research training, and over 90% of its principal courses are taught bilingually or in English using widely-recognized English textbook. The graduates will pursue further education in renowned universities overseas or be recruited by major IT companies at home and abroad.



This program aims at nurturing future forerunners with international competitiveness in computer science and technology who have extensive knowledge, innovative spirit and a global vision.


Core curriculum

Discrete mathematics and its application foundation of data structure, digital logic design, computer organization, object-oriented programming, operating system, advanced data structure and algorithm analysis, computation theory, fundamentals of compiling, computer network, computer system structure, database system, software engineering, principle of information security, information system security, principles and practice of cybersecurity, comprehensive experiments of information security.

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