Computer Science and Technology

Visual Information Processing

It studies basic theories, methods and applied technologies of visualization and visual analytics. Specific areas include computer graphics, computer aided design, computer animation, virtual reality, human-machine interaction, visualization of scientific data, visual analytics, computer visualization, and image processing.

Artificial Intelligence

Specific areas include machine learning, computer vision, image processing, natural language processing, knowledge engineering and information retrieval.

System Structure and Intelligent Computation

Specific areas include structure of computer system, pervasive computation, service computation, grid computation, mixture intelligence, embedded system, smart transportation, automatic driving, intelligent system and so forth.

Computer Software and Theory

It studies base theories, methods and techniques involved in software design, development, maintenance and utilization, as well as theoretical foundation of computer science and technology. Research scope of this topic is extensive, including system software, software automation, programming language, database system, software engineering and technologies, parallel processing and high-performance computing, smart software, theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, basic theories of computer science.

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