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Zhejiang University Team Designer Wins First Prize in the 2018 Xunlei Blockchain Application Global Challenge


In the final of the 2018 Xunlei Blockchain Application Global Challenge, the Zhejiang University Team Designer won the first prize amongst more than 500 teams from home and abroad with their ChainCode Designer project. The Designer Team are from the blockchain research team of Incas-lab (Intelligent Computing and Systems Laboratory) of the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University. The team consists of five members: Dr.Chen Jianhai as team coach, PhD student Wang Bei as team leader and three sophomore undergraduates: Xu Xiaowen, Li Jueyu and Fu Bo.

Zhejiang University team wins first prize

Zhejiang University Designer Team (left to right): Fu Bo, Chen Jianhai, Wang Bei, Li Jueyu, Xu Xiaowen

Venue for the finals

Dr. Wang Bei makes a presentation

Dr. Wang Bei presents the project

Team coach Dr.Chen Jianhai in interviews after the match

Final scores

The Xunlei Blockchain Application Global Challenge is co-hosted by Xunlei Group and Geekbang Technology. The competition is committed to finding global talents and projects with innovative mind in the field of blockchain, with over a million Yuan as award. The contest attracted more than 500 teams from around the world, including teams from Silicon Valley and many domestic industry blockchain application startup firms. From its release in April to the application deadline in mid-May, the finals lasted more than two months until July 6th. The teams competed in blockchain application design, development and innovation. The competition saw the 500 teams in the preliminary rounds narrow down to 50; these 50 teams were then evaluated by field experts to decide top 10 for the finals. The top 10 teams went through on-site presentations and battled fiercely in the championship competition. The battle eventually resulted in one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and four participation prizes.

The Designer project of the Zhejiang University Team focuses on the key technology of blockchain application --- smart contract (a program that is executable on blockchain). The product can perform graphical visualization design and automatic code generation for intelligent contract programs, so that users who are unfamiliar with programming can learn to write smart contracts for application-oriented business, and can also perform formal smart contract verification and code security detection.

The theme of the contest closely centered on blockchain applications, which is why most of the team's projects were blockchain technology implementations for specific applications. The Zhejiang University Designer Team broke through the application scope of specific blockchains, located the key technical issues of intelligent contracts that accelerate the development of blockchain applications, and produced a general-purpose blockchain tool unique from other final teams. This more creative approach also carried more significant impact, which gave the Designer Team an advantage to take down the challenge. At the same time, the solution of the key technology of blockchain smart contract is extremely important for accelerating the application of the blockchain in the blockchain 3.0 era. The smart contract product of the Designer team also has the goal of enabling users to enhance their knowledge about blockchain, experience the joy of intelligent contract programming, and further cultivate talents in blockchain intelligent contract talents. The product also incorporates research findings from the“Cloud Image Blockchain”project ( of Incas-lab. As a result, the contestants were favored by the judges and received the praise of many blockchain technology practitioners.

Zhejiang University is the only university student team in the top 10 of this year’s finals.It was a team made of teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students. It was in fact the only team containing undergraduates. In this competition, under the guidance of Dr. Chen Jianhai and the leadership of Dr. Wang Bei, three sophomore undergraduates who participated in the Incas-lab project with SRTP (Student Research Training Program) worked very hard to achieve excellence in product innovation and function realization. The team was down-to-earth in the process of technical research and implementation, constantly explored new possibilities, and took down each challenge presented to them step by step. Their efforts were fully reflected and recognized in the competition.

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