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2018 Memorabilia | College of Computer Science and Technology

By Yu Liu

The year 2018 is a year of endeavor and harvest. Adhering to the motto of ‘Centering Humanity, seeking harmony, and pursuing change’, our school has made a series of achievements. Let’s reflect the memorabilia of 2018.

Our college celebrates the 40th year anniversary.

The interdisciplinary discipline of artificial intelligence and undergraduate program in artificial intelligence were launched, and will begin to recruit the first cohort of students in 2019. Meantime, the MOE Collaborative Innovation Center of Artificial Intelligence was established.

Turing Laureate Prof. Whitfield Diffie jointed as full-time professor, and delivered a course on Cryptography to undergraduate students.

The project hosted by Prof. Chen Yue and Prof. He Qinmin on ‘1 + M + N’ Collaborative Education Mode Innovation and Practice of Multi-division and Multi-university Online Open Course received the 1st National Prize of Teaching Achievements. The project hosed by Prof. Chen Wenzhi, Prof. Shi Qingsong and Prof. Wang Zonghui on Multi-level Innovative Development of Systematic Abilities based on Software and Hardware Courses received the 2nd National Prize of Teaching Achievements.

Weng Kai won the Zhejiang University Yong Ping Award for Teaching Contributions, receiving a prize of 1 million.

Research funding reached an unprecedented amount of 262 million; three provincial laboratories and centers were launched.


The historical museum of our school was built with the statue of the college’s founder He Zhijun.


Prof. He Qingmin was elected into the MOE 10 thousand Plan of Distinguished Educators. Prof. Chen Gang and Prof. Ying Jianwei were elected into the National 10 thousand Plan of Technology Innovation Leading Talents. Prof. Ying Jianwei and Prof. Zhang Guojun received the funding of National Distinguished Youth Foundation and National Outstanding Youth Foundation respectively.

Wu Fei, Weng Kai and Han Jingsong received the First Excellent Teacher Award for Computer Science.

Student Groups received multiple international and national prizes, including First Prize in Internet+ National Collegiate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition, the Grand Prize and First Prize in the first China Collegiate Computer Science Competition on Artificial Intelligence, and the First Prize of ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge.

In collaboration with the government of Xiaoshan district, our college established the Zhejiang University Computer Technology Innovation Center, exploring the collaboration of discipline construction and social service.

The College of Computer Science and Technology educates future leaders in computer science with interdisciplinary innovation capabilities to address global challenges in the AI2.0 world.