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The Mind Band Project Directed by Mr. Zhang Kejun Wins Gold Medal at the 4th China Collegiate "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

By Yu Liu

In the 4th China Collegiate Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition that just concluded, the Mind Band - Musical Creation Platform project directed by Prof. Zhang Kejun won the National Gold Medal. Congratulations to Prof. Zhang and the students on his team!

Team Profile

The Mind Band team is from the Zhejiang University's Next Lab (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab). The team members are from the College of Computer Science and Technology, Chu Kochen Honors College and the School of International Studies. The team also won the first prize and the Most Innovative Award at the 2018 China College Computing Contest - Mobile Application Innovation Contest.

(Photo: Prof. Zhang Kejun and members of the team. From left to right, Mr. Zhang Kejun, Wu Songruoyao, Zheng Hanjia, Huang Yizhen, Liu Hongyu, Zhang Hui, Yang Yiheng)

About the Contest

China Collegiate Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the nation's most extensive and influential collegiate innovation and entrepreneurship contest. Since its launch in March, 2.65 million college students and 640,000 teams participated in this competition. More than 400 teams competed in the finals. The theme of this competition is Aggressive Innovation with Root in China. It aims to stimulate enthusiasm and showcase the achievements of students in innovation and entrepreneurship, and establish a platform for college students to start projects and receive social investment.


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