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Professor Wei Chen's Team Won the First Prize of Technological Invention in 2020 CCF Science and Technology Award

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State Key Laboratory of CAD & CG of Zhejiang University and Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd. won the first prize of CCF science and Technology Award for technological invention for the project of key technology and application of visual design and development for digital economy.

The project invented the visual expression technology for complex data feature enhancement, high-efficiency visualization technology based on visual perception principle, low code visualization design technology for wide area data application, agile visual query and analysis technology for multi-source heterogeneous data, and developed visual interaction design and development software platform, which has been applied to more than 10 thousand users and data visualization and scene construction for more than 100 thousand data, which yields significant social and economic benefits.

About the award

CCF science and Technology Award is awarded to outstanding achievements with impactful research discoveries, inventions and original innovations in the field of computer science, technology or engineering, and international influence in related fields.

The College of Computer Science and Technology educates future leaders in computer science with interdisciplinary innovation capabilities to address global challenges in the AI2.0 world.