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Prof. Ren Kui's team won the First Prize of CIE Science and Technology Award


Recently, the Chinese Institute of Electronics has released the names of the recipients of 2023 Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Awards. Prof. Ren Kui, dean of the College of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University and executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Data Security of Zhejiang University, spearheaded the project Theory and Methods of Data Security and Privacy Protection for Intelligent Systems has been honored with the first prize in natural science.


Projects introduction

The project Theory and Methods of Data Security and Privacy Protection for Intelligent Systems was collaboratively undertaken by Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, and Beijing Institute of Technology. In response to significant national demands and evolving disciplinary trends, the project team introduced a comprehensive data security and privacy protection theory and method that integrates privacy computing and attack-defense confrontation to address data security and privacy risks during the training, testing, and deployment stages of intelligent system models. The project team has published a total of 134 high-quality papers on related achievements, including 74 in ACM/IEEE Transactions and 40 in CCF-A international conferences, which have garnered 6 Best Paper and Nomination Awards, 1 Outstanding Paper Award, and more than 10,000 citations in Google, and also received positive reviews from 30 academicians from home and abroad, as well as 95 ACM/IEEE Fellows. The project's findings have been applied in organizations like Huawei and Hangzhou Urban Brain, serving millions of users.


Moving forward, the project team will enhance its strategic layout of data security across multiple dimensions, including basic theories, key technologies, and application platforms. The team will intensify research on AI algorithm governance, offering valuable theoretical grounding and scientific backing to facilitate the unleashing of data element value and ensure the security, reliability, and controllability of artificial intelligence technology.


Evaluation by the Project Appraisal Committee

The project appraisal committee posits that the project has identified and elucidated the causes and mechanisms of privacy leakage during the training phase of intelligent system models, unveiled the root causes of vulnerabilities in deep learning models, and presented pioneering contributions such as the theory and method of deep neural network oriented counter-attacks, as well as the theory of differential privacy protection of multi-arm games. The overall accomplishments of the project stand at the forefront of international standards, garnering widespread academic and industrial impact.


Award profile

The Science and Technology Award of Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) is a national-level award approved by the Office of National Science and Technology Awards. It serves as a bellwether for domestic advancements in electronic information technology and has significant academic resonance both domestically and internationally. The awarding of the first prize in natural science of the 2023 China Electronics Society Science and Technology Award represents the full recognition bestowed upon the project team for their exceptional achievements in theoretical research and technological innovation.

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