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Recipients of 2023 Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Award


Recently, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) has announced the names of the recipients of 2023 Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, designating 70 achievements as laureates of 2023.


Among them, the project Research and Application of a Trusted and Efficient Machine Learning Platform for Financial Scenarios spearheaded by Professor Yin Jianwei, the Vice Dean of the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University, the Executive Vice Dean of the School of Software Technology, and the Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Intelligence Service Technology, has been honored with the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress. Wang Haobo, a Ph.D. graduate from the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University, has been recognized with an Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award for his dissertation Research on Biased Label Learning Algorithms in Open Environments.


Awarded Project

The project Research and Application of a Trusted and Efficient Machine Learning Platform for Financial Scenarios, was a collaborative effort between Zhejiang University and Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. With support from numerous national and corporate collaborative projects, this project addresses three major challenges in the application of machine learning technology in financial industry, namely, high sensitivity and strict regulation of data, weak intervention and difficult interpretation of methods, and large-scale and low-efficiency modeling. After seven years of collaborative research between industry, academia, and research institutions, significant breakthroughs have been achieved in trusted and efficient machine learning technology and platform for financial scenarios.


The project proposes innovative methods of trusted privacy-protected machine learning, controllable causal inference machine learning, and efficient automated machine learning. It has developed platforms for privacy-protected machine learning, causal inference machine learning, and automated machine learning, resulting in 42 granted invention patents and 42 publications in renowned international journals/conferences, including one Best Paper Award.


The project's overall technology is standing at the international advanced level, offering a significant solution for China's reliable and efficient machine learning development for financial scenarios. Its achievements have been applied in various industrial-level financial scenarios of institutions such as Ant Group, Hang Seng Electronics, and Bank of Ningbo, covering hundreds of millions of users.


Awarded Dissertation

Dr. Wang Haobo's dissertation addresses the issue of biased label learning, aiming to solve the uncertainties and ambiguities in the data annotation process, effectively reducing the annotation costs for AI application development. The dissertation delves into three major challenges of data error, distribution migration and complex semantics of biased labeling learning in the open world, proposing several practical algorithms and presenting extensive theoretical and experimental results.


The research outcomes of this dissertation can significantly reduce the annotation and modeling costs for AI system development, enhancing the efficiency, performance, and robustness of the systems. Relevant papers have been published in top conferences and journals in the field of artificial intelligence, including ICLR, TPAMI, NeurIPS, and IJCAI, and received an honorable mention for the ICLR 2022 Outstanding Paper Award (Top 10/3391).



Award Introduction

The Wu Wenjun Award for Artificial Intelligence, known as the highest award for intelligent science and technology in China, is eligible to nominate and recommend candidates for the National Science and Technology Awards, representing the pinnacle honor in the field of artificial intelligence. Established in 2011, the award is named after Mr. Wu Wenjun, a pioneering scientist of artificial intelligence and former Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. The award was initiated and established by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence to honor those who have achieved significant breakthroughs and made outstanding contributions in the field of intelligent science and technology. By fostering the spirit of science and continuously advancing innovation and development in China's intelligent science and technology sector, as well as elevating the level of intelligent technology innovation and industrialization development in China, it has garnered widespread acclaim from society.

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