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The 2023 West Lake Forum on Cyberspace Security was successfully held at Zhejiang University


From December 29th to 30th, the 2023 West Lake Forum on Cyberspace Security and the 276th West Lake Academic Forum were successfully held at the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University. The forum was hosted by the Sci-Tech Academy of Zhejiang University, and co-organized by the State Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Data Security, the School of Cyber Science and Technology, the College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University and the Department of Computer Science, the City University of Hong Kong.

Over 60 scholars and experts from renowned domestic and international universities, research institutions and enterprises, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Syracuse University, Indiana University, the National Institute of Information and Automation of France, the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhijiang Laboratory, Alibaba, Ant Group, Huawei, etc., were invited to engage in in-depth discussions on hot issues and development trends in the field of cybersecurity, with an aim to enhance global cooperation and exchanges among industry, academia, research institutions, and enterprises, thereby elevating the international standing of China's cybersecurity field. The forum comprised one main session, four thematic sessions, and two closed-door meetings, with over 300 delegates in attendance from all sectors.

Main forum

At the main forum, Cheng Shuxi, Deputy Dean of the Sci-Tech Academy of Zhejiang University, and Ma Chenhua, Deputy Director of the Office of Talent Management of Zhejiang University, delivered speeches. Professor Chen Gang, Dean of the College of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, Professor Xu Ke, Deputy Director of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, Dr. Li Feifei, Vice President of Alibaba and Head of Alibaba Cloud Database Business Unit, and Dr. Wei Tao, Vice President and Chief Technology Security Officer of Ant Group, were invited to give featured presentations. Professor Ren Kui, Executive Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Data Security and Dean of the School of Cyber Science and Technology of of Zhejiang University, served as the moderator.

Vice Dean Cheng Shuxi introduced the achievements of Zhejiang University in academic platform construction and technological innovation, and declared to better sci-tech work planning, optimize sci-tech base layout, strengthen sci-tech team construction, and assist in the construction of cyberspace security disciplines and talent cultivation.Deputy Director Ma Chenhua expressed that Zhejiang University has always placed emphasis on the introduction and cultivation of outstanding young talents. Through programs like the Hundred Talents Program Researcher, it aims to strengthen the development of high-caliber talent teams that will steer future advancements and establish a platform for the growth of young professionals.

Professor Ren Kui introduced the development history, faculty, and achievements of the State Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Data Security, as well as the School of Cyber Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, which by leveraging the State Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Data Security, carries out high-level cutting-edge research in response to the major strategic needs of the national cyberspace, builds a national strategic scientific and technological force and contributes to the construction of a strong cyber nation. Outstanding talents are welcome to join the School.

In the invited report session, Professor Chen Gang, in his report titled Key Technologies and Systems for Ecological Construction of a Domain-wide Large Language Model Application , elaborated on what a domain-wide model is, how to construct it, and the progress and successful cases achieved. He mainly introduced the development of AI large models, the limitations of existing AI large models in industrial applications, and the construction and application of domain large models.

In the report titled  Secure and Trustworthy Internet Driven by Intelligent Data Plane, Professor Xu Ke analyzed the evolution path of  intelligent network, introduced the research progress of the team in intelligent data plane and collaborative intelligent architecture, combined with intelligent data plane-based transmission connection trusted detection and collaborative intelligence-based unknown risk efficient identification, and demonstrated the key technologies of secure and trustworthy Internet driven by intelligent data plane.

In the report entitled Fully Encrypted Cloud Database: Challenges and Opportunities, Vice President Li Feifei of Alibaba introduced the team's research results in the fully encrypted cloud database and its application in the logistics industry and SaaS service providers based on the current internal and external challenges faced by database security, so as to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity and privacy of key data assets.

In the report entitled Security Parallel Slice and Native Security Architecture Evolution, Vice President Wei Tao of Ant Group proposed a security parallel section system and a trusted in-depth protection system for the native security paradigm in view of the problem of security and business development collaboration under the explosion of digital business complexity, so as to achieve a leapfrog improvement in the overall security governance effect and efficiency.

Thematic forums

On the 29th and 30th, four thematic forums were convened, including the Hong Kong-Mainland Joint Academic Forum, the ACM SIGSAC China General Assembly and Scholar Salon, the Qizhen Youth Forum - Blockchain and Data Security Frontier, and the Zhejiang Association of Scholars from Overseas - Youth Forum in Information Technology.The West Lake Forum on Cyberspace Security, a signature academic forum initiative of the School of Cyber Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, has been successfully convened for six years. Its mission is to convene top experts and scholars from both domestic and international academic and corporate sectors. Through the sharing of experiences and the exchange of viewpoints, the forum aims to foster academic exchange and cooperation, accelerate the high-tech achievement transformation, and advance the cultivation of cybersecurity talents.

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