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Global Recruitment | Join us through the Overseas Excellent Youth Science Foundation Project



The Excellent Youth Science Foundation Project (Overseas) aims to attract and encourage outstanding young scholars from overseas (including non-Chinese talent) who have achieved commendable results in the natural sciences, engineering, and technology to return to China (come to China) to work by independently anchoring research directions to carry out innovative research.


Applicants shall meet the following conditions:

1.         Comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, possess good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the spirit of a modern scientist;

2.         Born no earlier than January 1, 1984;

3.         Hold a doctoral degree;

4.         4. Research directions primarily include natural sciences and engineering technology;

5.         After obtaining a doctoral degree and prior to April 15, 2024, applicants must have typically secured a formal teaching or research position at an overseas university, research institution, or corporate R&D organization, with a minimum of 36 consecutive months of work experience; for those who have obtained a doctorate degree overseas with particularly outstanding performance, the work experience requirement may be adjusted as necessary;

6.         Have obtained research achievements recognized by peer experts, with the potential to become academic leaders or outstanding talents in their field;

7.         The applicant has not returned to China to work full-time, or came to China to work after January 1, 2023. Upon receiving the funding notice, the applicant must resign from their overseas employment and work in China on a full-time basis for no less than three years.

Remuneration and Benefits

1. Academic environment: Sharing Zhejiang University's first-class academic reputation, advanced research platforms, excellent academic ecology, and an open research environment;

2. Appointment position: Appointed as a teaching and research faculty of the Hundred Talents Program (the first category);

3. Salary: Provide competitive salary and housing subsidies, fully support applicants to undertake research;

4. Funds: provide competitive research start-up funds;

5Housing: Assistance will be given to find suitable housing, with a temporary apartment provided. Welfare apartments can be purchased after the successful candidates receive the tenured position of ZJU;

6. Office and Laboratory Space: Competitive office and laboratory space will be provided.;

7. Team Building: Qualified for doctoral students enrollment with support of the university and department/school; recruitment of postdoctoral fellows will be supported;

8.Service Guarantee: Assistance will be given to the school enrollment for children and finding a job for the spouse; assist in household registration, permanent residence permit applications for foreigners, etc.


Contact us

Interested young scholars are welcome to submit resume of continuous study and work from the beginning of undergraduate studies to the date of application, published papers and works, major achievements in teaching and research, research projects undertaken, patents and awards, future research plans, etc. to the following contact via email.

Contact: Mr. Chen

Tel: +86-571-87952886


ZJU profile

Zhejiang University was founded in 1897 and is located in Hangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China. Zhejiang University has always adhered to the tradition of “Seeking Truth and Pursuing Innovation” as the university motto, with the world development as its responsibility and pursuit for truth as its goal. It is the spirit of ZJU and the common values for all ZJUers to develop a mind as broad as the vast ocean embracing all streams and all rivers, and a soul seeking truth and believing in virtues, to be innovative and pioneering, and to construct and consolidate our country. The University strives to nurture high-caliber innovators and future leaders with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetic beauty, and global competitiveness. Under the cultivation of Zhejiang University, a large number of famous scientists, cultural masters, and elites from all walks of life have emerged, making contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the promotion of exchanges and mutual learning among human civilizations. After over 120 years' development, Zhejiang University has become a comprehensive research university with distinctive features and great impact at home and abroad. Research at Zhejiang University spans 13 academic disciplines, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, art, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and interdisciplinary fields. Of all the 22 disciplines in the list of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), Zhejiang University has 21 in the world's top 1% and 10 in the top 1‰ (ESI data, May 2023). Among the faculty, there are 24 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 21 Chinese Academy of Engineering, 14 senior professors of liberal arts, and more than 1800 high-level and outstanding young talents.

ZJU CCST profile

The ZJU College of Computer Science and Technology (CCST) neighbors the picturesque West Lake and Laohe Mountain. Since its inception in 1978, it has become a harbor where groups of young students start their dream and a place where generations of scholars endeavor. In 2024, it is ranked among top 12th by U.S. News Best Global Universities for Computer Science.

Adhering to the motto of “humanism, harmony and change”, the College is committed to cultivating top-notch talents in computer science with cross-disciplinary innovation capabilities and global vision. As computer science is one of the most important engines for societal growth today, CCST is dedicated to create a dynamic environment for educating future leaders and addressing global challenges. The latest ESI statistics shows that CCST is ranked top 18th worldwide, with two disciplines proudly selected into China’s ‘Double First-Class’ initiative.

ZJU CCST takes pride in its unique combination of computer science and art & design. It is comprised of 5 departments, including Department of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Technology, Information Security, Software Engineering, and Industrial Design. To carry out innovative and multi-disciplinary research, CCST owns 6 research institutes/centers, 3 state key labs, and 16 provincial key labs.

The College of Computer Science and Technology educates future leaders in computer science with interdisciplinary innovation capabilities to address global challenges in the AI2.0 world.