Awards & Achievements

Theory and Methods for Efficient Rendering of Realistic Graphics

Prof. Zhou Kun,1st prize of Zhejiang Provincial Nature Science Award,2017

The tema led by Prof. Zhou Kun has discovered the optimal parallelization mechanism for photorealistic rendering under the GPU streaming architecture, revealed the dynamic relevance between the degree of parallelism and memory consumption in the rendering process, introduced the first REYES rendering architecture that runs entirely on GPUs, designed GPU spatial data structures, and developed analytical and parallel algorithms for various visual effects, leading to a systematic solution to the challenging problem of parallelizing photorealistic rendering software under the GPU streaming architecture. Ten representative papers have been cited over 1100 times according to Google Scholar and over 300 times according to SCI. Prof. Zhou had won the MIT TR35 Award of 2011 and Tan KahKee Young Scientist Award of 2016.

The Key Technology and Application of the Fusion of Massive Mixed Temporal Data

Prof. Chen Gang, 1st Prize of Ministry of Education Science & Technology Progress, 2016

The Technology and Application of Automotive Electronics Embedded Platform

Prof. Wu Zhaohui, 2nd National Prize of Science & Technology Progress, 2014

This project successfully developed electronic embedded software platform for automobiles with proprietary intellectual property rights, proposed a set of V+ development methods for automobile electronic control system, attained highly-efficient and timed microkernel real-time operating system and achieved many innovative accomplishments in real-time features, high efficiency, and high security. 20 patents for invention and 24 software copyrights has been authorized, and more than 50 SCI/EI dissertations are published. The research products are used in key electronic control system in FAW, Chang’an and other companies. 

The Geometric Representation and Computing Theory and Method of Complicated Objects

Prof. Bao Hujun, 2nd National Prize of Nature Science, 2013

This project is aimed at probing into discrete geometric calculation theories to solve the conundrum of difficulty to control grid surface. Main innovative discoveries include 1) set-up of geometric calculation theories of differential domain of grid surface; 2) discovery of a series of what-you-see-is-what-you-get interactive editing and processing methods of grid surface; 3) innovative proposal of spline expression using hybrid parameters and spline progressive iteration approximation method; 4) reveal of methodologies of enhanced standing wave function to model complex surface; 5) discovery of rules of geometric signal frequency spectrum among different manifolds; 6) breakthrough the bottleneck of rigid parameter mapping of grid surface to optimize modeling. 20 representative papers has been cited for 1656 times (638 times in SCI), and 4 patents are authorized. This project leads international research of grid surface computation, and its findings are successfully applied in manufacturing and digital entertainment industries, which has casted a major impact. 

Cross-industry Embedded System Software Platform (SMART) and its Applications

Prof. Chen Chun, 2nd National Prize of Science & Technology Progress, 2011

The Software Development and Industrial Application of Qiantang Platform for Modern Service Industry

Prof. Wu Chaohui, 2nd National Prize of Science and Technology Progress, 2010

Multimedia Technology and Intelligent Service System of Books Digital Library

Prof. Zhuang Yueting, 2nd National Prize of Science & Technology Progress, 2010

International Awards

include but not limited to:

Towards Optimal Concolic Testing

Prof. Wang Xinyu, ICSE Distinguished Paper Award, 2018

Revenue-Driven Service Provisioning for Resource Sharing in Mobile Cloud Computing

Prof. Yin Jianwei, ICSOC Best Paper Award, 2017 

Discovering Different Kinds of Smartphone Users through Their Application Usage Behaviors

Prof. Pan Gang, UbiComp Best Paper Award, 2016 

Efficient Metric Indexing for Similarity Search and Similarity joins

Prof. Gao Yunjun, ICDE Outstanding Paper Award, 2015 

GetReal: Towards Realistic Selection of Influence Maximization Strategies in Competitive Networks

Prof. Gao Yunjun, SIGMOD Best Paper Nomination, 2015 

Document Summarization Based on Data Reconstruction

Prof. Bu Jiajun, AAAI Best Paper Award, 2012 


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