Institutes & Labs

Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Perception and Statistic Intelligence, Intelligent Analysis of Large-Scale Cross-media Data, Digital Media and Intelligent Interaction, Knowledge Engineering and Electronic Service, Next Generation Internet and Internet of Things

Institute of Computer Software

Discrete Optimization and Algorithms, Embedded and Mobile Computing, Sensor Networks and Internet of Things, Database and Big Data Analysis & Processing, Software Engineering and Software Platform for Cloud Computing, Information Accessibility and Accessible Computing

Institute of Computer System Architecture and Network Security

Emerging Computer Architecture and System Software, Complex Service Computing and Knowledge Service System, Embedded Pervasive Computing and Real-time System, Generalized Computing and Mixed Intelligent System, New Internet Architecture and Network Security

Institute of Modern Industrial Design

Design Theory and Methodology, Applied Ergonomics and Design, Information and Interaction Design, Culture and Innovation Design, Design Service Technology and Engineering

Key Labs & Research Centers

State Key Lab of CAD & CG

National Engineering and Technology Center for Intelligent Train

MOE Engineering Research Center of Digital Library

MOE Computer Aided Product Innovative Design and Engineering Center

MOE Engineering Research Center of Embedded Systems

MOE-Microsoft Key Lab of Visual Perception

Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of Service Robot

Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of Big Data Intelligent Computing

Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of Design Intelligence and Digital Innovation Research

Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Research Center of Modern Electronic Services

Cyberspace International Governance Research Base

Engineering Lab of Mobile Security


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