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Industrial Design

This is a national first-class featured program. It aims at cultivating talents and future business leaders who are capable of innovative product design that incorporates cross-industry resources. In the meantime, the program is committed to upbringing talents with global vision and competence. The ratio of student international exchange rate amounts to 30%, and the department also set up funding to countenance students for overseas study, including the Seymour International Exchange Scholarship. Many students have won leading international awards, and students can on average receive at least 4 patents before graduation. This program requires students to have good aesthetic skills and innovation spirit. Many of its graduates have become backbones in domestic and international top 500 companies.


This program aims at cultivating leading talents on product design and service innovation, who has solid skillsets of innovation and cross-field integration, being able to aggregate users, design, technologies, business and culture to generate new products, smart systems and services.


Core curriculum

Design ideology and expression, information and interactive design techniques, user experience and product design, ergonomics and innovative design, integration and innovation design, cultural composition and innovation design, information product design.

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The College of Computer Science and Technology educates future leaders in computer science with interdisciplinary innovation capabilities to address global challenges in the AI2.0 world.