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Industry Application

The school attaches great importance to in-depth cooperation with the industry, and actively establishes cooperative research and training centers with well-known enterprises at home and abroad such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Alibaba. The research and development of the college has formed a number of major features and applications to serve the national innovation drive strategy, including the application of digital cultural relics technology and system;a large-scale financial information system that ranks first in performance both at home and abroad;an information accessibility technology and system; the first domestic embedded basic software product that supported seven major aerospace applications (including human spaceflight) with full independent intellectual property rights; and an intelligent large-scale digital printing equipment that upgrades the traditional textile industry with information technology; All of these applications have tremendous influence in China.

Talent Cultivation

The excellent scientific research platform and unique teaching conditions have enabled the College to train thousands of high-level undergraduates, masters and doctors in computer science and software for 40 years, providing quality talents for scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, and industry development in related fields. In the academic world, the College has cultivated three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,including Pan Yunhe, Chen Zuoning and Chen Chun, as well as one academician of the Academy of Sciences, Wu Zhaohui, the president of Zhejiang University.

The school has also trained a number of innovative entrepreneurial figures in the industry such as Shi Lie, the chairman of Insigma, and Huang Zheng, the founder of Pinduoduo. These enterprises have become the main force in the information industry in Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou. A large number of start-ups are emerging in the Internet industry. Graduates cultivated by the school have shown outstanding ability in engineering system and are well-known in the IT industry. The initial employment rate of graduate students has always remained at 100%, which has formed a strong brand effect in the society.

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